Eliminating Racism

Racism can be stopped!

Southeast Wisconsin is one of the most segregated states in the country; racism – systemic, structural and societal – pervades every aspect of life even though many people still deny its existence. At YWCA SEW, we do not intend to spend any more time arguing about its existence…our goal is to eliminate it. Our mission today remains ever-more relevant as the impacts of racial inequalities and systemic oppression continue to disadvantage many members of our community, often by design.

We intend to start from the inside out – to create an anti-racist culture across our own organization as a role model to others in the community, and to teach what we learn so that others can begin or deepen their own anti-racism journeys too…

How We Can Help?

Empowering Education

In partnership with Mission Equality, we have designed and built a world-class, ‘foundations of racial justice’ program, The Great Relearn. The program helps people to begin or deepen their own personal anti-racism journey.

This program is the first phase in our renewed commitment to eliminating racism and will be part of a complete set of racial justice offerings, to pave a path to equality in and for our community.

Allyship & Advocacy

Everybody can cause racial harm to black, brown and Global Majority people (yes, and to each other too). Understanding how to be an ally and advocate for those in your community who experience racial harm is a skill.

At YWCA SEW, we teach allyship and advocacy skills to those who understand that when we create equality for the most marginalised in a community, we create equality for everyone.