Our Impact

YWCA SEW's Impact

YWCA Southeast Wisconsin is part of YWCA USA – a network of one of the nation’s oldest and most formidable organizations standing up for the dignity of women and others who are often deliberately disadvantaged.

We have a challenging mission – one that addresses the two most deeply embedded and damaging drivers of inequality and oppression historically and in today’s world: racism and patriarchy.

We determine the success of our work by the impact we have on those who are most disadvantaged and how much closer it takes us to a truly equal world; this is really the only true benchmark of success that matters and one which we are focused on.

How We Work?

Our program offerings encompass Progressive Education, Women’s Empowerment, and the Eradication of Racism, featuring initiatives such as The Great Relearn, Allyship and Advocacy, as well as a diverse array of Workshops and Events.

Great Relearn

How do you get rid of inequalities that some people don’t see still exist? The first step is awareness; you can’t eliminate something you can’t see and if it doesn’t happen to you, why would you be able to see it?

Women Empowerment

YWCA Southeast Wisconsin (SEW) is committed to creating a more just, fair and equal world for all genders, with the acknowledgment that, historically, women have been most excluded, disadvantaged and discriminated ...

Elimiminating Racism

Southeast Wisconsin is one of the most segregated states in the country; racism – systemic, structural and societal – pervades every aspect of life even though many people still deny its existence. At YWCA SEW, ..

Mission Programs

In collaboration with local partners, we proudly offer HSED (High School Equivalency Diploma) and GED (General Educational Development) programs for students in Milwaukee and Racine. Additionally, we join hands to organize “Dress For Success,” a program designed to equip women with the resources and confidence they need to thrive in the workplace. Through these impactful initiatives, we are committed to fostering personal and professional growth, one individual at a time.