Empowering Women

Power to Women!

YWCA Southeast Wisconsin (SEW) is committed to creating a more just, fair and equal world for all genders, with the acknowledgment that, historically, women have been most excluded, disadvantaged and discriminated against and continue to feel the impacts of this, especially in the workplace. Since our inception in 1892, we continue to offer resources to women and their families – from the first auto mechanics training for women in the 1920s, to the first racially-integrated cafeteria in the Midwest, to today’s innovative and progressive initiatives.

Our mission today remains ever-more relevant as the impacts of systemic oppression continue to disadvantage many members of our community, often by design, especially women and those whose gender exists outside the binary. In an equal world, the construct of gender will be obsolete; but dismantling the paradigms of power and control that have underpinned a more patriarchal approach to society takes concerted effort, from people of all genders…especially men.

Our work to empower women and address the gender inequality that persists focuses on using education as an agent of change and we are redesigning a holistic curriculum of programs to deliver on our mission… 

How We Can Help?

Basic Health & Safety Rights

A fundamental right of every person is the right to basic health and safety in their communities and homes.

When the women and families we serve are affected by sexual assault or domestic violence, we provide prompt, private referral to Sojourner Family Peace Center or other appropriate experts in our community.

Empowering Education

We are redesigning and building a full and holistic curriculum of programs.

The goal of our curriculum is to empower women – and those whose gender exists outside the binary – to show up in the world as they are, contribute to their communities, and be treated equally as the individuals they are – irrespective of their gender identities.

Allyship & Advocacy

Men have an important part to play on the path to gender equality because the current status quo hurts everyone, including men.

Toxic masculinity and staying in stereotyped roles do not allow for the full self expression  that everyone deserves; the advocacy of men for those who are not men creates a pathway to freedom for everyone.