How do you get rid of inequalities that some people don’t see still exist? The first step is awareness; you can’t eliminate something you can’t see and if it doesn’t happen to you, why would you be able to see it? Racial and other social inequalities affect everyone; not just those who ‘suffer’ from them.

At YWCA SEW, we believe that effective education can drive impactful change which is why we’re supporting more people in our community to identify, challenge and eliminate racism and other forms of discriminatory harm and oppression with our all-new program, The Great Relearn.

We have completely redesigned and created this 3-module program with our partners, Mission Equality, to increase and enhance our impact and deliver on our mission…

Who This Program Is For…

  • Are you ready to learn how to create safer spaces for the people around you – your children, your family, your friends and your colleagues?
  • Would you like to feel more confident in how to address racism and other forms of discriminatory harm, and be able to see them when they happen around you?
  • Do you want to have greater impact in your community – socially and at work – and be seen as a leader of progression, justice and equality?

What You’ll Learn…

  • How and why racism and other forms of discrimination affect all of us; and why it matters.
  • Why we haven’t been able to eliminate racism (and other forms of discrimination), yet. And how we can…
  • How to see all forms of racism when it happens, become ‘anti-racist’ and address the racism you see around you.

  • Why learning the skills and tools to address racism and all forms of discrimination will benefit you and those close to you.

Program Overview

Module 1: Understanding Racial Inequality

Understand more about the problem of  racism, racial inequality and the impacts on everyone.

In this module, you’ll learn: 

  • How racism and the impacts of it persist today, all around us.
  • How racism impacts you (yes, even you!). 
  • Key concepts & language that matters.

Module 2: The Real Solution To Racism

Addressing racism requires a different approach to current attempts; if they were working, would we still be ‘here’?

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • The difference between ‘not racist’ and ‘anti-racist’, and why it’s still not the solution to racism.
  • Why equality (for everyone) is the only solution to racism and all forms of discrimination.
  • How to start designing the world around you based upon equality.

Module 3: Moving Beyond Racism To Equality For all

Now you understand the problem and the potential solution, how do you get from A to B? 

 In this module, you’ll learn:

  • The underlying paradigm shifts necessary to achieve true racial justice and progress towards equality.
  • Active steps you can take to start moving beyond racism and towards equality for you and everyone around you.

How It Works

The program is created for asynchronous, online, self-paced learning. The estimated completion time for each module is 2-3 hours, but we encourage you to take the time you need to be able to integrate and action what you experience through this program. While the modules can stand alone, they work more powerfully together as a series. Learners taking modules 2 and 3 will be assumed to have covered module 1.

Launch Date: November 2023

Start Date: Anytime; this is a self-access online program

Location: Online

Program Fee: Pre-launch registration @ $495 

Questions Answered

What if I’ve done your previous racial justice training?

Our new program has been redesigned, restructured and created by Mission Equality, our partners and progressive, global leaders on the path to equality. The program includes new language and approaches that reflect the changed social and racial justice landscape in the US and globally.

Do I need to do the whole series?

Yes, ideally. While each module can stand alone, you’ll get the most benefit from the whole series. In addition, people taking modules 2 and 3 will be assumed to have a handle on the concepts shared in module 1.

I’m Black, Brown or Global Majority. Do I need this course?

You’ll likely already know a lot about both racism and whiteness, from personal experience. However, we know that people of any skin color can behave in a racially harmful manner towards other people, based on internalized racism and potentially discriminatory beliefs they may be unaware of. Decolonising – unlearning – the harmful beliefs many of us have without realising it is the ‘work’ for everyone, regardless of skin color.

Will there be an in-person option for this course?

While the modules are intended to be available online, from anywhere, we will be offering in-person and skilfully facilitated sessions from our offices in the future. Follow us on social media to know when this option is available.

What happens after I complete the three modules?

It’s our intention to work with Mission Equality to provide facilitated live learning sessions, as well as a one year leadership development program. Follow us on social media to know when this option is available.

Still have questions? Contact us to learn more.